Sheridan Park junior classes

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Sheridan Park Junior Classes

Students are grouped according to age and skill level. Students with sufficient skills may move up to an older age group. Classes are split between drills that work on proper stroke technique and age/skill-appropriate game play to develop consistency, court awareness and good sportsmanship. USTA Quickstart® methods (slower balls, shorter nets and smaller courts) are used for 10 & Under classes making it easier for students to quickly succeed, gain confidence and have FUN!


Drop-In and Custom Schedules are also available for Junior Clases at the rate of $30 per hour for students who can not attend the entire session of lessons. To schedule, please contact the Tennis on the Lake office with your dates and times of attendance.

Upcoming Outdoor Sessions:

Session 1: Saturday, October 27th – Friday, November 23rd 
Session 2: Monday, November 26th – Sunday, December 23rd 
Session 3: Saturday, January 5th – Friday, February 1st 
Session 4: Saturday, February 2nd – Friday March 1st 
Session 5: Saturday, March 2nd – Friday, March 29th 
Session 6: Saturday, March 30th – Sunday, April 28th 
(Easter break from April 19th – April 21st)

5-7 Years Old

Cost: $109
4 60-Minute Classes
Classes focus on developing hand-eye coordination and proper technique for all shots. Students play with larger, slower RED balls on a smaller net and 36 ft. court.

Not available yet

Not available yet

8-10 Years Old

Cost: $109
4 60-Minute Classes
Classes focus on developing consistency and rallying skills as well as proper technique. Students play with medium size and speed ORANGE balls on the regular net and 60ft. court.

Not available yet

Not available yet

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