Tennis ratings

The ATP Rankings are the objective merit-based method used by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for determining the qualification for entry as well as the seeding of players in all singles and doubles tournaments.

Beginner I 1.0-1.5

For students with limited or no experience playing tennis. Students will learn proper technique for all strokes, basic court positioning for singles and doubles and how to keep score in a match.

Beginner II 1.6-2.0

For students who have taken one or two Beginner I classes with Tennis on the Lake or have had some basic lessons in the past. Students will be reminded of proper form and court positioning while working to improve consistency.

Advanced Beginner 2.1-2.7

For students who are familiar with the proper basic mechanics of groundstrokes, volleys, overheads and serves. Students have played a full tennis match, can maintain a 10-shot rally on the singles court, know when to come to net and make most second serves. Students will work on hitting consistently with both depth and directional control.

Intermediate 2.8-3.6

For students who can maintain a 10-shot rally on half the doubles court going down-the-line or cross-court, are comfortable at net and serve with depth. Students will learn to hit more effectively with spins to increase control on offensive and defensive shots.

Advanced Intermediate 3.7+

For students who have played frequent competitive tennis matches. Students can maintain a 20-shot rally on half the doubles court going down the line or cross-court and are comfortable hitting with spins. Students will work on decreasing errors and developing weapons.
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