Final class schedules

Final class schedules will depend upon total registrations. In some cases a class may be cancelled, consolidated, or otherwise modified.

Class Refund Policy

The greater of $20 or 20% of the refund will be deducted from the refund amount for administration and rescheduling fees. The refund amount will be determined according to how many unattended paid classes remain after the time of the notice of cancellation. Classes prior to the cancellation notice will be charged at a custom schedule rate.

Private and Special Group Cancellation Fee

Reservations for private and special group sessions are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Personal Cancellation Option

Students playing twice per week (weekday classes) are allowed to makeup 2 personal cancellations. Students playing once per week (weekend classes) are allowed to makeup 1 personal cancellation. The makeup must be made during the session that has been paid for. You cannot makeup a class in another session.

Notice of personal

Cancellation must be received by 1:00pm – PRIOR to the class you will miss in order to receive makeup credit so that your space can be made available to other students. Makeup credits are good only for the time frame of the session in which the corresponding cancellations were made.