Hello Tennis Campers!

Junior Tennis Camp Is Almost Here!

We’re really excited to spend the week on the courts with your tennis player! Here’s some information regarding the camp.

Location: Camps will be held at our Waveland Park location at

3650 N Recreation Dr.

We have a trailer on the north-east side of the Blue/Green courts and will meet there around 8:45 am and 11:45 am before the camps begin.

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, please call Michael (Camp Director) at 312-493-0721 a half hour before you are scheduled for a camp (8:30 am for AM/full day camp; 11:30 am for PM camp to find out the plan for the day).

If it is raining and it looks like it will continue to rain all day, we will give you an option to either cancel camp for that day and reschedule for another day or we will have staff on sight to stay with your child and work on tennis related activities.

If it is raining early and looks like it will clear up, we will run camp as scheduled and have the children do field activities until the courts are dry.

If it starts to rain when the camp is in progress, and we need to cancel the rest of the day, we will call you to pick up your child. We have a large tent at the tennis courts to shelter the children from rain.

For the Half Day 9 AM Campers there will be an option to join the camp at 12 pm if we get rained out early in the morning.

What to Bring Each Day: All players should bring a racquet, water bottle, and sunscreen. Players may also bring a snack (we’ll have a morning and afternoon snack break), and a lunch if they are with us for the full day.

We will have a cooler box, fridge, and freezer where the players can keep their lunches fresh during their camp.

Please let us know of any allergies that your campers might have and make sure they have an EpiPen with them.


At the end of our camp on Fridays, we will have a tournament for our more proficient campers and an exciting jamboree for our pioneers. There will be report cards and awards for the campers, so try to do your best!

If you have any additional requests, such as having your camper in a specific group or you would like them to take more breaks, etc. Please email us at info@tennisonthelake.com or call 312-493-0721

Thank you!


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